• Web design

    In a clear query of What is a Website? The answer is that a website is the principal domain that comprises varied web pages. A stride in the online usage has cultivated the need to have an online presence and have a website to serve this purpose.

    You have a business for long, but doesn’t have a website of your own; there are chances of lagging behind in the competitive world. A website executes an entire range of services and fosters in business growth.

    A Website Designs hold a lot of importance for the businesses and an appealing web design halts the users and grab their attention. Our offerings involve crucial steps that eventually deliver a top-notch product and they include the following:

    INFORMATION GATHERING: The initial phase to answer the questions like What you should do and originating a solid understanding of the product. This involves an initial understanding of the dreams of the organization.

    PLANNING: Gathered information is blended with the planning process. The right point to prepare the Site Map of the website, as it will serve as a guide that provides an entire list of the content present on the website with a navigational structure.

    DESIGN: The Look and Feel of your website are cloaked under this process. Herein, the target audience is the key consideration factor. A determination of how the website would appear is considered and the design is developed based on the end user.

    DEVELOPMENT: The functional site is created using graphic elements, followed by developing home page, further navigational pages and addition of content. The home page is created first accompanied by the internal pages and henceforth data is distributed.

    TESTING & DELIVERY: Everything is put together and tested for a thorough working. An optimized final detailing is carried out in order to avoid the last moment hassle. This lessens any compatibility consequences and checks that website follows all latest standards.

    MAINTENANCE: Constant updating is needed to bring the repeated visitors. We focus on four primary components, including to Refresh content, Renovate look and feel, Refurbish complicated matters, and Retouch website!

    ITBENT services involve to reinvent your current website design or refurbish your business with a new look that completely serves the purpose of your dreams. We make every possible effort to let your website present on social media platforms as well, involving Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more.