• Graphic Design

    An astonishing graphic design will actively be able to seize user attention in comparison to other factors. A clarified meaning is way more promising to communicate for absorbing the information. Hence, every business is tempted for some greatly crafted graphics that are easy for the eyes and become an integral step toward a business’ success.

    Graphic Designs have a lot in store for the businesses and that’s where not every business is able to make it that big as expected. The reason behind is the bad graphics that annoys the viewers and this call for an emphasizing design that actually make its way to user’s favorite list.

    A graphic design must always be looked as a solution to simplify the complexities between users and a bridge to lessen business communication gaps. Hence, we focus on creating a simple picture for both the ends using the following approaches:

    PROJECT INITIATION: A questionnaire is prepared and piling up the relevant information is carried out. Helps in identifying client’s website goals, including the business summary, target audience, objectives, and deadlines.

    RESEARCH: The congregated information is the reference material. Furthermore, competitor activities, industry trends, business past info, and future are also researched. This stage is worth for delivering the end product, hence requires detailed information.

    STRATEGY: A theme is strategized that’s based on all the researched material. Presented well before putting it to work in real time environment. A decision is made regarding functionality procedures and designing.

    DEVELOPMENT: Involves expanding the strategies to work and is accomplished via writing on paper, using visual tools, sketching layouts, and Mind Mapping! The developed strategy works well for this phase in a successful accomplishment.

    PRESENTATION/REFINEMENT: Offered through PDF files for client review and feedbacks. The changes are made as per the requirements and designers enforce the modifications to give concluding touch.

    PRODUCTION/LAUNCH: The finished product is delivered on all the platforms involving print and web mediums for further administrative tasks. The material is also handed over to the third party as per the business needs for further sharing.

    COMPLETION: The rewarding process or the finalized state that signifies the successful accomplishment of all the previous processes and the final outcome!

    ITBENT offers the extensive graphic design services that include designing visiting cards, logos, brochures, and flex. Our experts understand your business needs first and further starts working on the design aspect for delivering a great end product.